List of requirements

1. Your website must:

• have a static IP address

• be placed on a paid hosting

• be in a domain of at least third level

• reflect the same goods / services / content for all website visitors

• reflect all information in the local language or must provide the visitor with a possibility to choose a local option of data presentation

• be working to the moment of entering into the agreement

2. Your website must obligatorily and explicitly contain the following information:

• Safety logos Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code on the main page of the website;

• Data on the legal entity selling goods / content and/or rendering services (name, postal and legal address, banking details, contact phone number for clients, e-mail, etc.);

• Client registration form (Details of the client raising the order);

• Detailed description of the offered goods / services / content including the total cost, consumer properties, pictures, etc.

• Description of procedures and ways of order, payment, receipt and return of the goods / services / content

• Procedure and conditions of the goods return (refusal from the service), cancellation of the banking card transaction and return of money to the card;

• Conditions for goods delivery (services rendering);

• Information on security measures for Card Transactions;

• Final prices in the currency of debiting from the Cards (in case the website shows prices in a foreign currency, the amount of conversion of the funds into the currency of payment used on the website must be clearly indicated when placing the order).

3. The list of goods / services stated on the Website and sold via the Website must meet the information provided during the Website registration.

4. In case of licensed activity, the Website must contain information on the licenses, permissions of the manufacturer, right holder or state authorities regarding the goods / services being sold.

5. It is prohibited to sell or display any information / references on the Website in any form or to any extent with respect to the following categories of goods / services:

• Adult entertainments;

• Child pornography;

• Narcotic substance;

• Dating, medical and other advice via Internet;

• Matrimonial services, sex shops, female and male escort;

• Spirits and tobacco;

• Gambling industry (casinos, bookmakers, etc.);

• Medicinal products and BADS;

• Telemarketing;

• Share sites, torrent trackers;

6. Your website must not:

• contain bad pages, links, directions not corresponding to their names as well as pages / links redirecting to other websites (without an explicit warning about such redirection).

• sell goods / services / content the distance selling of which is limited by the local legislation;

• distribute products (information) promoting terrorism, suicide, drugs, violence, intolerance and discrimination on national, religious, racial, sexual and other grounds;

• be a website the main content of which is formed by visitors - blogs, bulletin boards, etc.;

• sell goods / services / content without a permit (license) of the right holder / manufacturer / official distributor / supervisory body (if such permit is mandatory)

• sell counterfeit, duplicated or replicated brand goods on the global or local market without the appropriate permit of the original brand owner

• accept deposits, contributions in favour of the organization / fund not registered in due order established by the local legislation for such kinds of activity;

• contain and/or reproduce information prohibited for dissemination under the local laws and Rules of the Payment systems.

• require, accept, keep, process and transfer details of plastic cards.

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